Everything you need to keep your paddocks looking their best!

You can count on A J Williams to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Whether you require a complete maintenance package or just a bit of help, we are sure to offer our assistance in anyway we can. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering or would like a free visit to discuss your requirements.


​Our services include:

  • Chain Harrowing

  • Rolling

  • Aerating

  • Fertiliser Spreading

  • Rotovating

  • Weed Spraying

  • Hedge Cutting

  • Underground Water pipe Laying

  • Mole Ploughing/Subsoiling

  • Topping/Flailing

  • Reseeding/Over Seeding

Chain Harrow.jpg


All of our machinery is used on our own farm and therefore we have the confidence that when we arrive at a customer's field, the equipment and operator will be able to produce the high quality results that our clients need and deserve.

The biggest advantage to our customers however, is that all of our equipment fits through a 7' gateway! This enables us to access areas where large agricultural tractors would struggle, yet be heavier duty than implements powered by an ATV (Quad Bike).

When we carry out work on a customer's field, our large turf tyres minimise surface disruption and damage. This allows us to access areas of softer land without creating rutted areas normally associated with tractors. 


Since its founding in 2013, A J Williams has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. 

Long before establishing A J Williams, we have always managed our own grassland fields. Over the years, were increasingly asked by local small holdings if we were able to assist with the management of their land too. Not to be ones to let people down, we agreed to help and this was the basis on where our paddock maintenance department began.

Every field is different and all have their own challenges. Whether that be over grown with weeds, heavily poached, or simply lacking grass, we have seen it all. By listening to our customers requirements and working with them or simply offering advice, we are able to solve most problems they face.